Words of a Dead Man

by Great Dane

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Dani Foster
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Dani Foster Love this gem i found on Dreambound's channel on Youtube. I just can't imagine myself without ever listening one of this album's song now, they have become a part of me. Favorite track: Lethal Luxury.
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released November 18, 2014

All songs written by Great Dane
Artwork by Jon Medina
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Eric Tuffendsan at Moonlight Studios
Thank you to everyone for listening and seeing us in places far from our home.



all rights reserved


Great Dane Cincinnati, Ohio

Post-Hardcore band from Cincinnati, OH.

Nothing to do with the DJ

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Track Name: An Ocean Away
Why would you want to be another failure
That this world doesn't need
Don't let the darkness of depression sink in
Please hold a strong grip on your sanity
Keep your feet on the ground
Everyday starts a new battle to cope
With reality

You always turn
Your back on me
And pretend
You don't see
I remember when
You used to dream
Now all I see in you
Is shame and misery

I can't believe
You walked away so easily
To a worthless life you're too blind to see
I just want you to escape
This mistake ridden past

Over and over
I've watched you sink lower
With each passing day
More of you fades away

Over and over
You've fed me these hollow promises
I can't forget

You're an ocean away
You're an ocean away
How can I reach you
I'm screaming your name
But you can't hear a thing
You've forgotten who you are

This. Is. Not.
This is not who you are
This. Is. Not.
This is not who you are
Track Name: Lethal Luxury
Your words were written in these walls
Hidden messages you gave me
Warning signs to try and save me

But I'm a man with no direction
Stuck in this limbo
Of unwanted repetition

Another drink
Another restless night
Trying to numb this void you left me with
Still my nervous mind eats away at me

I built up this life with the paintings I made
Following footsteps
A pawn in this game
I'm stuck here without out you
Without an escape

No fucking hope

I'm dying
Everyday I wake
I'm broken
There's nothing more to take
I'm screaming
To fucking get away
But no one will ever know
Except these walls

Greediness controls this town
In turn controls me now
Controls me now

I want to turn and run
I want to chase the sun
These bottom feeders
Won't stop for any(one)

(One) more wish that this is over
One more day forced to create
Now I swallow the fact
That my dreams have died
Judgment please don't fail me
In this steady decline

I'm withered I'm worn down
So alone in my own town
Another drink down the hatch
To forget seasons past

I thought I'd never fucking write this down
But here's the final chapter
Of my life
Nobody hears the words of a dead man

I built up this life
With the paintings that I made
You never thought that I would find out
An endless cycle that I'll face again
A curse I can't comprehend
Track Name: Drought
I feel drought where the flowers bloom
Lie and look her in the eyes
Right through my mind a fucking thief
A being so full of greed is not a father to me
Is it not enough
To cause so much pain with love
You prayed for death
I can't escape the hell that's been

Destroying me
Breaking me down to nothing
I am nothing
Than questions left unanswered
I am endless fucking cancer
Just let me out
Just let me out
My body roams free tonight
But my mind's tied down so tight
Just let me out
I've got to get out

So what are you living for
So who are you living for

Looking in every direction
Searching for grace and perfection
Still nothing
Still trying to escape from nothing
Track Name: Say Goodbye to a Stranger
The world has turned dark and cold
And I can't seem to catch my breath
The summer came and you left me
With your words
Those painful words
That made me feel so worthless
And you say I am not enough
Although my heart is breaking open
Just know I will not be broken

The person you used to be
Is not who haunts me now
The person that I can see
Is faceless just a stranger to me

As I lay on that cold bed
Unintended distractions inside my head
Staring up at the ceiling
How can I break this feeling

I swear that I am enough

The careless lies
Behind those green eyes
That you swore were true
So many times
They lit a fire in me
For all the world to see
But I'm still burning
With or without you

I put myself on the line for this
On the forefront for all to witness
And to think I was so fucking blind
I can't wait to say goodbye

Your words are fading away
You're just a memory
And I'm not alone
I'm not alone
This time I'm letting go on my own

I never thought that I would feel like this
The anger the restlessness
So I'm gone... You'll never see my face again

An empty home is all your left with
No one to laugh or share those tears with
And when you look at yourself
I hope it kills you to know
You're the reason it all went so wrong

And these words
These words
These words are my goodbye
Track Name: A Common Tragedy
Where are you now
And did you know
A sigh of relief
Would be the last breath you'd ever breathe
And as the air left your lungs
The honesty sat dry on the tip of your tongue
You thought of something else
Before you slaughtered yourself

In that room
All alone
No escape
You couldn't carry the weight

In that room
All alone
No escape
Darkness consumes your fate

And I swear I heard your silent screams
That night in my dreams
And if I could have whispered in your ear
Those words

You'd still be fucking here
I'm gone
You'd still be fucking here
I'm gone

The world wasn't ready
For a loss like this
Your mother's still crying for one last kiss
You left your family broken
So many words left unspoken

How could you
How could you
How could you make this mistake
Leaving this world was not the way

Your brothers won't understands
That you left and abandoned them
They can't comprehend
The last words you didn't say to them

The mystery of your life's end
Leaves us all questioning
What could have been
What could have been