by Great Dane

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Summer '14 Tour Demo


released August 5, 2014

Recorded July 1st, 2014 by Eric Tuffendsam at Moonlight Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Eric Tuffendsam.

Album design by Jake Hill
Thanks to Nate Hoyle for the photo



all rights reserved


Great Dane Cincinnati, Ohio

Post-Hardcore band from Cincinnati, OH.

Nothing to do with the DJ

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Track Name: Drought
I feel drought where the flowers bloom
Lie, and look her in the eyes
Right through my mind a fucking theif
A being so full of greed is not father to me
Is it not enough
To cause so much pain with love
You prayed for death
I can't escape the hell that's been

Destroying me
Breaking me down to nothing
I am nothing
But questions left unanswered
I am endless fucking cancer
Just let me out, Just let me out
My body roams free tonight
But my mind's tied down so tight
Just let me out, I've got to get out

So what are you living for
So who are you living for

Looking in every direction
Searching for grace and Perfection
Still nothing
Still trying to escape from nothing
Track Name: Say Goodbye to a Stranger
The wold has turned dark and cold
And I can't seem to catch my breath
The summer came and you left me
With your words, Those painful words
That made me feel so worthless
And you say I am not enough
Although my heart is breaking open
Just know I will not be broken

The person you used to be
Is not who haunts me now
The person that I can see
Is faceless, just a stranger to me

(As I lay on the cold)
(Unintended distractions inside my head)
(Staring up at the ceiling)
(How can I break this feeling)

I swear that I am enough

The carless Lies behind those green eyes
That you swore were true so many times
They lit a fire in me for all the world to see
But I'm still burning, With or without you

I put myself on the line for this
On the forefront for all to Witness
And to think I was so fucking blind
I can't wait to say goodbye

Your words are fading away
You're just a memory
And I'm not alone, I'm not alone
This time I'm letting go on my own

I never thought that I would feel like this
The anger, the restlessness
So I'm gone...You'll never see my face again

An empty home is all you're left with
No one to laugh or share those tears with
And when you look at yourself
i hope it kills you to know
You're the reason it all went so wrong

And these word, these words are my goodbye
And these word, these words, these words are my goodbye