Beautiful Love

by Great Dane

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Dani Foster
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Dani Foster These guys have an unique way to tell the world that we don't have to be alone, that loneliness is an option, and as a kid who keeps searching for his own place, I can relate, I can call it home. Thank you, Great Dane. Favorite track: Thriving.
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All songs written in the winter and spring of 2015
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jay Maas and Daniel Florez at The Getaway in Haverhill, MA.


released December 23, 2015

Photo and layout by Tim Williams



all rights reserved


Great Dane Cincinnati, Ohio

Post-Hardcore band from Cincinnati, OH.

Nothing to do with the DJ

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Track Name: Intro / Flood
Everyday I wonder where I am now
God help me
Redirect this heart of petty love

It's not the same
When it doesn't mean a thing
These words remain
But can't stand on their own

It's not the same
When it doesn't mean a thing
These words remain
But the silence grows deeper

Unsheltered heart
Never to know the pain it takes to grow

Unsheltered heart
Never to know
Never to grow

This world is smothering me
With both hands gripped around my neck

This world is smothering me
With my hands tied behind my back

Left with nothing
Endless sacrifice for
Endless frustration
Is it all worth it?

But with no forgiveness
How can we ever forget this
I should have known better
Than to ever believe, ever believe
Oh how I should have known better

This world is smothering me

I can't believe this place I'm in
The walls come down
They wore so thin

I read these words to clear my mind
To shed some light
And open my eyes

To open my eyes

But with no forgiveness
Can we ever forget this
I should have known
I should have known better
Track Name: Beautiful Love
Do you remember what it feels like
I can't remember the last time I felt love
False affections cloud my mind
And I'm so sick of the loneliness
And meaningless words softly spoken
How could it get any worse
I'm still sick
This taste that doesn't last
The pain I can't get past
I've got to let it go

How can I ever feel

Frozen over, I can't get past these thoughts of you

How can I ever heal

I wake up with your voice in my head
Screaming, yet patient, for me to bring you back

So I'll say a prayer for this
To keep our memories safe
To keep you safe

I never thought that I would feel this way again
But those things you said stuck with me and I can't forget
I can't forget
I can't forget

Crawling back to you
My mind fights back
To be back with you
Never forget I'm
Crawling back to you
Beautiful love

Til the end for you
Til the end
Beautiful love
Track Name: Thriving
It's just the way
That it comes and goes like a storm
Just a downward spiral

And it's the way
That it tears your insides out
Makes you question
What's the point

You grasp
You cringe
Like a rusted hinge on a broken door

And I don't know what you're thinking
But I'm
Positive that I can't hold on
I can't hold on

I've built everything I cared for
On a flooded shore
And in the next few years
It'll all be gone
Buried underwater

Long forgotten

But there's a side of me
That you will never see
Just keep your whits about you,
It's the only thing
That separates you from me

You'd be a fool to follow me Anywhere

Eyes wide shut
You always kept your
Eyes wide shut

Searching through
These broken homes
Only to find you

Thriving at the bottom
Cast Aside

You're nothing more than a passerby
Footsteps that fall behind
Forgotten face
Forgotten name
Covered by darkness
You fall and decay

With one last look at my reflection
I see myself staring
Only to find
Track Name: Temperament
The taste of rage
An innocent smile fades away
The madness of a man
That dare not speak his name his name

Looking for life
Searching for love
Craving devotion
But only finding blood
Only blood

I share nothing
Cause something was never there
It never has been
It's disappeared

And the loneliness
The loneliness is what keeps me warm
Keeps me wilted
On a roses' thorn

I'll just play dead some more
I'll just play dead

Just waiting for my soul
To burn out
Wanting nothing
But my heart to fall out

To fall out of my blackened chest
I'll just play dead

To fall down and put my body to rest
I'll just play dead
Just let me play

Now I feel like nothing but flesh
Giving up unwanted breath

All this hate
Taking up space
Forever hiding
Out of place

Looking in the mirror at
This disgrace
I've lost it all
Nothing to replace
Track Name: Undiscerning / Blind Me
Everything is coming down around me
My will is dying slowly
But surely I was promised
Greater things

Those words were paper thin
They blew away with the wind
I tell the blood to stop its flow
Let the sun lose its glow

My mouth is covered by a hand
That doesn't know the truth
Doesn't hear the lies
Or see these damaged insides

Devoid of this
The hand it suffocates me
I can't stand up
I can't fix this

Let the dead ends fall into
Something better than this
I want more

I am less than this
Unworthy of another second chance
I can't stand up
I can't fix this

My mother can't tell me different
I've bent the structure of her words of endearment

And this is just a testament
To how I'll react
To the pain

And this is just a sign
That I can't stay in line
With the others

Now I face this world alone
I face it alone

This world is smothering me